About Us

The campus is located in half of a 100 year old former palace across the street from the old Shanta Bhawan Hospital. The building was renovated and remodeled with the kind support from the American Schools and Hospital Abroad (ASHA) through Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF). The main building was divided into three parts where Block ‘A’ houses administrative services, faculty offices, and an auditorium. Block ‘B’ houses classrooms, demonstration room, student learning center, and a part of hostels and Block ‘C’ houses hostel. Similarly, there are three other buildings fulfilling the campus needs.


Lalitpur Nursing Campus (LNC) was established in 1959 (Previously named as Shanta Bhawan Nursing School), five years after modern medicine was introduced into the Kingdom. LNC became independent with the formation of Board of Directors in December 2003. Until July 2004, the campus was under United Mission to Nepal (UMN). The management and finance were looked upon by the mission. The present status of the campus is financially and administratively associated with the LNC Board of Directors and academically constituent with Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Medicine. The campus celebrated its Golden Jubilee in early 2009. LNC was started initially with Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) program and now expanded to different faculty in Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (BN), Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSC), and Masters in Nursing (MN) Programs. BN was started in 1996, MN in 2009, and BSC in 2011.

Mission Statement/Educational Philosophy

We are committed to training suitably qualified Nepali young women as professional nurses who will be distinctive by the quality of their care and concern for clients in the hospital and the community as well as by their good academic achievement.

We strive to serve the people of Nepal. While academically responsible to TU IOM, LNC is developing as an autonomous, self sustaining campus. Good quality interpersonal relationships are maintained between and among staff and students. Appropriate teaching methodologies and practical work experiences combined with in service education of faculty provide and outstanding educational program.

We believe that the overall standard of nursing care in Nepal will be raised by the influence of quality care demonstrated in this campus. In addition to operating the campus as a model, we seek to directly influence health training in the country.

Out students will be selected and trained to serve without discrimination as to social, religious, or economic status. Special concern will be shows for those who are marginalized, oppressed, or under-served. We intend to target such young women for inclusion as a component of our students.


Our vision is that the mission of Lalitpur Nursing Campus be continued into the future through planned sustainability. We will continue to produce nursing graduates distinguished by their high standards of service as evidenced by their preferred, rapid employment within Nepali government, non-government hospitals and community health sectors.

We will sustain our distinctive, ownership and management structures. We sill continue to maintain good academic and administrative practices, as well as good relationships with other educational, regulatory, and service institution. The main concern we will teach and maintain in the campus is that every person has equal value, respect, and receives appropriate care and concerns.

Strategy: Partnership

  • with Nepali young women and their families to provide quality academic and practical training as a base for profitable career in nursing service in Nepal.
  • with government and non government health service providers to produce well qualified service-oriented nursing staff.
  • with campus faculty and staff to develop and maintain a quality program.
  • with regulation and accrediting agencies to maintain creditable certification of the education program.
  • with different supporting agencies to get resources and implement this strategy .

Our Values and beliefs

The campus strongly upholds such LNC values as equality, love and service, forgiveness, integrity, cultural sensitivity, and humility. Faculty offers education and staff serve without discrimination of social, religious, caste, or economic status of the students.

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